Welcome to Ruse Tavern, the hub of the community.
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About Ruse Tavern

Established 1st July 1982, Ruse Tavern is the hub of the local community. We are involved with numerous social, sporting and community groups.

Westerner’s Cricket Club

Campbelltown Warrior’s J.R.L.F.C.

Ruse Tavern Small Boats Fishing Club

Ruse Tavern Social Golf Club

Kids of Macarthur Health Foundation

Children’s Hope Foundation

Kentlyn Bush Fire Brigade

Each of these groups have evolved within the local community, with the assistance of patrons from Ruse Tavern. 


Meet The Team

Paul Buch

Paul has been managing Ruse since 2001, and has seen a lot of people frequent the venue over the years, and seen many changes.

Cathy Hall

A few generations of families in Ruse have had the pleasure of Cathy’s hospitality, having been an integral part of the team for a long time.

Donnies Bistro

When you feel like a hearty meal and don’t want to cook, come in and try his teriffic meals, you’ll be pleased with his fresh pasta offering.